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The No-beach, No Zone, No Nonsense Weight Loss Plan

RRP $17.95

This book analyses weight-loss research to present one dependable plan that really works. Now you can take weight off and keep it off using a combination of proven diet and exercise strategies that require no special props or aids. Information on calculating calorie needs, determining BMI (body mass index) and working out the percentage of fats, carbs and proteins in your daily diet are included. This book is based entirely on: an analysis of scientific studies, so that it is fact-based; research on successful dieters that shows how they got the weight off and kept it off; and, diet and exercise strategies that can be done at home. What is currently on the market - a lot of diet and weight loss books with gimmicks and a lot of fluff, but very few theories that are supported by randomised controlled trials. "No-beach, No Zone, No Nonsense Weight Loss Plan" is the antithesis of these books. The author has reviewed the weight loss literature, found proven solutions and put it all in a digestible format for the lay person.

Weight Loss Journey

RRP $17.99

In her first weight loss book, Jory Ames set out on a journey to lose 50 pounds in 6 months. Her original goal and approach changed as she discovered the ease and comfort of living healthy. This book is her journal to final goal, which was slightly less than she originally planned for but at the same time so much more than she hoped for or expected, all through healthy living. The changes in her life, appearance, and physical abilities are detailed through true stories and photographs. On her way to goal, Jory faced obstacles, such as the physical pain of fibromyalgia, a sudden need for surgery, and the loss of her beloved older dog. Incredibly, she also faces a two-month weight-loss plateau, despite increasing her exercise. Still, she finds her way through without turning to food, as she always has before during life's trials. This story is intended to be inspiring, entertaining, and even practical, as she details every inch, pound, calorie, and step. In a year and half, Jory Ames lost 86 pounds and never fears gaining it back again. This book explains why she has that confidence and how you can too.

Running For Weight Loss

RRP $16.99

Running for Weight Loss, A Guide on Running for a Healthier and Thinner You

This Guide Will Help With Your Weight Loss Goals and Change Your Life Forever! Are you like the millions of people around the world who have tried diet after diet and are still not managing to lose weight! Well this book can help you achieve your goals. By adding a simple running routine to your calorie controlled diet will see you shed that weight and lose it forever. Running is a fun and rewarding challenge. The release of endorphins after running leaves you feeling like you're on top of the world and this results in the perfect motivating factor in your quest to lose weight. Running whether preparing for a Marathon or for Improving ones mental and physical health offers a great deal more than just weight loss. So what are you waiting for, get this guide and you too can change the way you look and feel forever.

Here's A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • Why We Put On Weight
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Essential Information To Get You Started
  • Health Benefits of Running
  • Preparing and Warming Up
  • 8 Week Running Program
  • Staying Motivated
  • Cooling Down Routines
  • And Much More!
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Weight Loss Mindfulness

RRP $12.99

Although I believe too much emphasis is placed on being thin, the fact remains that in our abundant life, many people are physically heavier than they might wish. Why not utilize your desire to lose weight into a more profound goal of living a more fulfilling life? If you lose weight in that process of living a happier and more meaningful life, you have really accomplished something truly special.

Secret Gloss

RRP $23.99

"After my death, no one will find amongst my papers a single explanation as to what really filled my life (that is my consolation). No one will find the words which explain everything, and which often made what the world would call a bagatelle into an event of tremendous importance to me, and what I look upon as something insignificant when I take away the secret gloss which explains all." - Soren Kierkegaard, Journals, 1842.Written as a script for a film or play, using the dramatic devices of flashback and surreal episodes, Augustus Young has written a highly original discourse on the life and ideas of one of the world's greatest thinkers. Perhaps only Freud has had more influence on the twentieth century's intellectual Weltgeist. Kierkegaard's writings crossed the divide between the ecclesiastic and the secular. His work provides the common ground between existential angst and religious belief. In a short but flamboyant life, the Danish theologian logged his experience into writings whose frankness anticipated and decisively influenced many of the twentieth century's greatest artists and philosophers. "The Secret Gloss" perfectly captures both the tragic and comic aspects of the man, whose life was considered merely eccentric in his own time and whose reputation would not be properly re-considered until many years after his death.


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