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The No-beach, No Zone, No Nonsense Weight Loss Plan

RRP $17.95

This book analyses weight-loss research to present one dependable plan that really works. Now you can take weight off and keep it off using a combination of proven diet and exercise strategies that require no special props or aids. Information on calculating calorie needs, determining BMI (body mass index) and working out the percentage of fats, carbs and proteins in your daily diet are included. This book is based entirely on: an analysis of scientific studies, so that it is fact-based; research on successful dieters that shows how they got the weight off and kept it off; and, diet and exercise strategies that can be done at home. What is currently on the market - a lot of diet and weight loss books with gimmicks and a lot of fluff, but very few theories that are supported by randomised controlled trials. "No-beach, No Zone, No Nonsense Weight Loss Plan" is the antithesis of these books. The author has reviewed the weight loss literature, found proven solutions and put it all in a digestible format for the lay person.

A Wilted Blossom Blooms

RRP $16.99

Will Jena jeopardize her professional career, reputation, family and friends to pursue her complicated love interest? As a teen she lives with her single mom, Nancy. Jena is shy and struggles with teen issues in addition to her weight and boys. Her teen boyfriend Cody is interested in his own personal needs instead of developing a relationship with Jena. Throughout college she continues to search for the man of her dreams. While in college she is reunited with family she grows to love. The path leads her into the arms of another uncommitted man named Ray. The two lovers fill each others voids in an untraditional relationship. Feeling misled Jena abruptly tries to end things. Her lover never gave up his love for as he continued trying to connect with her. His constant struggles to see her cause emotional conflict. Ray has a few things he needs to reveal to his young lover who does not want any part. In the end the two lovers' different paths meet in an unusual and unique ending.

Natural Weight Loss Program

RRP $14.99

There is no need to go for surgery for weight loss. There are certain techniques and procedures which provide quicker results than surgery. The author has given comprehensive and quick weight loss program which also permanent. There is no need for dieting.Just stick to some of the instructions of the book and enjoy a real life without fat.

Weight Loss

RRP $13.99

Do you Know what TEN FOODS you need to have in your Fridge at all times?Ten simple foods that will change your life, help you lose weight naturally, produce more energy naturally, and feel great everyday! As a Nutritionist, I get asked all the time, "What should I eat to lose weight?" Our nutrition committee collaborated to compile a list of ten foods that promote fat loss naturally, boast metabolism, build your immune system, and prevents diseases. The committee built a rating system to select the top ten food items. That system is based on four factors. 1.Metabolism enhancement 2.Detoxifying characteristics 3.Digestive system enhancement 4.Immune system boost. So what are the ten, and how will they help me lose weight? In this book, you will learn the Ten foods to eat, how they enhance your body to lose weight naturally, boast your metabolism, boast your immunity and much more, including... - The weight loss 10 commandments. 10 steps to follow to lose weight the healthy way - Tips for successful healthy weight loss - Weight Loss Facts & Myths - Learning about the Nutrition Label - Enhancing your Nutritional IQ - Overcoming the weight loss Plateau - Keeping the weight off forever - How to eat on Vacation - Details covering each of the ten foods - How the ten foods help your body - and much more! This is not a tricky diet book This book focuses on eating. Eating foods that will boast your metabolism, build your immune system, and enhance your muscle growth. If you are struggling with weight loss, and not sure what to eat, or maybe you have lost a little weight but hit the all to familiar weight loss plateau, then this book is your source. No fancy workouts needed! No fancy diets for 30 days! Just plain nutritional enhancement. Eat your way to fit!

A Guru Nanak Glossary

RRP $579.99

This text contains a complete list of the words, with Gurmukhi spellings, romanized transcriptions, English definitions, frequency counts and etymologies, in the hymns of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism. Academically, the principal purpose of the glossary is to further the integration of the study of the sacred language of the Sikhs with the mainstream of Indo-Aryan philology and linguistics. A clearer picture emerges of a complex literary artefact made up of elements from varieties of Old Punjabi and Western Hindi, with loans from Persian, Prakrit and Sanskrit. This edition contains material on the non-Sanskritic vocabulary of the later Sikh gurus.


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