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Core, Communication, Leadership

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It doesn't matter if you're a mother, father, big brother, sister, grandparent, business owner, manager or someone else: You have to lead somebody. But if you don't have rapport with each and every one of your team members, you're not going to end up where you want to go, which is why Luke Lee Tet wrote this workbook-so you can arrive at your desired destination. As a former softball player for Australia who won a gold medal and now as a coach of junior softball, he knows how to win. In plain language, he delivers strategies and insights that will help you: understand different ways people around you learn; cultivate the skills that effective leaders have in common; follow seven steps of active listening; promote a winning culture.

What you learn about yourself and those around will do much more than enhance your leadership skills. You'll be equipped to live a more fulfilling life with" Core, Communication, Leadership.""

Recharging Your School Leadership

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In an era of standards-based education, this book helps school leaders who are looking for fresh ideas to engage students in the classroom and to educate students as citizens and stewards. Recharging Your School Leadership covers four tenants of leadership to maximize engagement-giving students choice in showcasing their learning, helping amplify students' voices through their work, providing an authentic audience for projects beyond the classroom, and showing students that their work can change their school and community. This book provides best practices for building schools of deep learning and will help school leaders through an inevitable part of their career-the moment when leaders feel weighed-down by the increasingly standards-based environment. Special Features include: * Designed for the busy schedule of the school leader, this book provides quick take-always for use in one day, one week, and one year. * Voices from 16 leaders explore real dilemmas and struggles that today's administrators must tackle. * Tips and best practices for engaging teachers and students. * Grounded in research surrounding the importance of student engagement in maximizing learning *"End-of-chapter questions" for reflection and "discussion items" that promote further exploration and unpacks concepts.

Thinking Differently About Leadership

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Thinking Differently about Leadership asks why and how we have come to understand leadership in the way we now do, and the consequences that arise from these understandings. Its critical interrogation of Classical Greek, Medieval and modern social-scientific ideas reveals troubling assumptions and problematic expectations for leaders and followers, which are key features of leadership theorizing both in the past and present day. By tracing developments in leadership thought over time, this book reveals the influence of ideas from history on current thinking, inviting reflection on what we now seek from leaders and followers. Its unique, multi-faceted analysis identifies non-scientific factors that have profoundly influenced the development of leadership science in the modern era. Arguing that conventional understandings of leadership today are deeply problematic, the book examines why we ought to think differently about leadership and offers an approach for doing so. The book offers a framework for leadership theory-building which readers can use to apply to their own context, making it an ideal resource for critical management and leadership scholars as well as students and practitioners, who will value its novel focus and perspective.


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