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Unmasking School Leadership

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This book is a longitudinal life history of the lives and work of primary school principals in Ireland. It provides a unique opportunity to peer inside the realities of leading schools in changing times. In a system that until recently did not prepare principals for the onerous roles and responsibilities, a small system with limited mobility, inter-personal relationships emerge as critical, frequently privileged over professional relationships. Consequently, principals struggle to bring about change, to build trust in order to cultivate a transformative leadership agenda, while several aspects of systemic structures and processes emerge as constraints on leadership capacity building. In the absence of comprehensive leadership portfolio development, classroom teachers, catapulted into the principal's office, tend to be cautious and careful in ways that tend to perpetuate the status quo while putting a premium on the exercise of soft power and an over-reliance on the good will of colleagues. Several of the 'leadership lessons' that emerge from this in-depth analysis concur with an increasing international consensus that due to complexity and increasingly performative policy demands, learning about leadership for all is an absolute necessity. However, care must be taken to avoid overly scripted programmes. Critical to the cultivation of a professionally responsible leadership disposition, rather than capitulation to 'technologies of control,' is professional renewal cultivated through adequate attention to the Zone of Proximal Distance.


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Wonder what it will take to finally succeed as a leader? Tired of having to fight tooth and nail with people to get them to cooperate? Want better results with your children or organization? Frustrated and tired and need some success to occur? Like you I have been there and I searched for a formula to help me succeed. One day it came clear and today I am here to give you the help you need with this system and book. There is no need to struggle to find the answers and lose sight of your goals and dreams. Get clarity and finally achieve the success you desire. Buy one of the top self-help books on Amazon and start on a new journey in life. I guarantee that you will have more success and create a better home and work life once you master the skill of leadership and leadership training.

Organizational Behavior For School Leadership

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This textbook explores the evolution of leadership and organizational behavior theory from traditional, modern, and contemporary perspectives. Organizational Behavior for School Leadership provides a theoretical framework to help emerging leaders build the mental models they need for effective practice. Each chapter offers opportunities for readers to reflect on the ideas and apply their leadership perspective and skills to their own work settings. In this way, this important book helps graduate students in educational leadership understand organizational situations and circumstances, an essential step in making appropriate decisions about people, school operations, and the community that generate improved student and teacher outcomes. Special features include: * Learning Objectives - chapter openers to initiate student thinking. * Case studies and companion rubrics - engage students in applying content to real-life school scenarios. * Reflections and Relevance - interactive learning activities, simulations, and graphic assignments deepen readers' understanding. * PSEL Standards - each chapter aligns with the 2015 Professional Standards for Education Leaders. * Companion Website - includes case studies and rubrics, supplementary materials, additional readings, and PowerPoint slides for instructors.


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