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International Handbook Of Organizational Crisis Management

RRP $260.00

International Handbook of Organizational Crisis Management reflects the latest understanding of the field from prominent scholars and practitioners around the globe. Pushing the boundaries of crisis management research and practice, the handbook offers new frameworks and findings that capture insights and guidance for researchers and executives.Key Features* Provides the latest thinking on and encourages growing support of crisis management in todayAes business environment: Novel and poorly understood technologies, globalization, changing political climates, and a shifting social landscape are just a few of the forces currently changing the ways in which organizations experience crises.+ Challenges core assumptions and goes beyond conventional rules: Numerous books touch on the topic, but many lack rigor with untested fear based prescriptions and quick fixes.+ Offers a diversity of angles and levels of analysis: Crisis management is analyzed from societal, interorganizational, organizational, and individual perspectives.+ Presents international and multicultural perspectives: Crises are not perceived in the same way globally; therefore, international researchers and practitioners expose their views of crisis management from their own cultural angles.Intended AudienceOffering a leading-edge overview of the field of crisis management, this resource is useful for researchers and thoughtful practitioners in business and management, psychology, and sociology. It can also be used in graduate courses such as Strategic Management and Business Policy, Corporate Strategy, Occupational/Industrial Psychology, and Communication Risk Management. Meet author Christophe Roux-Dufort! http:/

Ferranti: Management, Mergers And Fraud 1987-1993 Volume 3

RRP $298.99

This history of Ferranti during the last six years of its long existence provides a detailed exposition of the merger with an American firm that would bring it to its knees. Although only covering six years, this builds on the previous two volumes of the Ferranti history that has outlined how the firm grew into one of the UK's leading defence electronics operations. Having survived a major liquidity crisis in 1974-75, Ferranti recovered robustly under new management, only to flounder under the same leadership as a result of a major foray into the American defence electronics industry. The case-study outlines the inherent dangers in international mergers, as well as the acute problems associated with City and corporate governance practices which resulted in decisions that undermined Ferranti fatally.

Crisis Intervention And Crisis Management

RRP $242.99

There is little written about a comprehensive school/community approach to crisis prevention, intervention, and management. This book discusses steps helping professionals should take in order to prepare for a crisis in their schools and community. The author introduces a Crisis Management Plan, which discusses ways to restore a school/community to its pre-crisis equilibrium. The Crisis Management Plan includes steps to be taken to prevent panic and a referral network for students and their families in need of services. The author also includes information on how schools should talk to media personnel and parents in times of a crisis. She includes checklists, assessment instruments, and sample documentation forms that can be used in times of a crisis.

The Steel Crisis

RRP $256.99

This book analyzes the causes underlying the decline of the United States steel industry and the impact of that decline on our institutions of procedural democracy. It locates steel's economic demise in the logic of an economy organized for profit maximization and demonstrates how the industry's economic policies helped open the U.S. market to foreign imports while simultaneously forcing steel officials to turn to the government for assistance.

Food Quality Management

RRP $326.99

Consumer understanding of food quality and the ultimate concern for health and food safety increases. This forces actors in agribusiness and food industry to use quality management as a strategic issue in innovation and production. This book describes Food Quality Management in one integrated concept. All relevant aspects of food quality management are brought into one model, which forms the framework for this book. The authors further elaborate on their techno-managerial approach, which starts from the idea that food quality is the combined effect of food behaviour and human behaviour. The contemporary use of technological and managerial theories and models is the core element of this approach. It is used to predict food systems behaviour and to generate adequate improvements to the system. Moreover, special attention is paid to food quality management from a chain perspective. Topics covered include technological food quality properties, quality management and decision making behaviour in organisations. Quality design, control, improvement and assurance are dealt with in detail, with special attention paid to the use of tools and methods. This book describes quality assurance systems currently in use, ranging from international QA-systems like GMP, HACCP, ISO and BRC. Furthermore, policy and business strategy principles are discussed in the framework of food quality management and the concept of TQM receives special attention. Finally, expected future developments in food quality management are considered. This publication is a must-have for students, researchers and agribusiness and food industry professionals active in various areas of food production systems. The integrated approach with technological and managerial principles and practises for analysing food quality management, and valuable information on the latest developments make this book of great importance.


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