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Business Coaching

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Are you a business coach or do you want to get into coaching and not sure exactly how, what the steps are, and how to get clients? If that sounds like you, and you dream of becoming a business coach or a life coach, this is the book for you. In this book you will learn how to promote your coaching practice and get clients, how to find your business niche, how to make yourself look authoritative, best ways to charge clients, and much more. Get this book today, and let's get you started on the road to success as a business or life coach.

How To Become A Great Life Coach. Positively Influence People With Your Life Coaching Skills And Leadership

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How to Become a Great Life Coach. Positively Influence People with Your Life Coaching Skills and Leadership

A Life Coaching Guide: Steps on How to Start Your Life Coaching Business Career

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This life coaching book outlines what it will take becoming a great and successful life coach. Today people everywhere are looking for guidance and help to succeed in their life. Businesses and individuals are more than ever using life coaches to help them reach their goals and objectives. You'll learn what qualities you need to possess in order to become a successful life coach. Also, how to identify what area of coaching that best will suit you. That is finding your life coaching specialization. If your desire is to start a life coach business, we'll also discuss this to help you on your way. Besides positively influencing other people by becoming their life coach, a great side benefit is the improvement you can make on your own life and success. This book is a simple guide to help you get started with becoming a great life coach.

Are you ready?

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...
  • What is Life Coaching?
  • The Purpose of Life Coaching
  • Areas in Your Life a Life Coach Can Assist
  • Your Identity and Reason
  • The Qualities of a Great Life Coach
  • Life Coach Specialization
  • Starting Your Life Coach Career

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Coaching Understood

RRP $258.99

'This book is a milestone in the coaching literature. Elaine Cox provides an excellent text that is scholarly, practical and accessible. She offers clear insights into how coaching works so that coaching is truly understood!'- Bob Garvey, Professor of Business Education, York St John Business School

'The development of the coaching literature has often been protracted and modest. In recent years, few coaching texts provided a significant leap forward in our understanding of psychological dynamics of coaching. For this reason, Cox'sCoaching Understood is a game changer. More thoroughly and systematically than ever before, this work gets under the bonnet of the coaching engine and explores the mechanics of the coaching process. For anyone wondering why coaching works, this book is your answer.' - Yossi Ives, Tag International Development, UK (International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching Mentoring)

Coaching Understood takes a fresh approach to coaching skills and techniques by examining each element of the coaching process in detail in order to verify and justify its effectiveness.

By exposing the mystery underlying coaching's success as a personal and professional development intervention, Elaine Cox undertakes to generate a better understanding of coaching, improve coaching practice, and breed a new generation of more informed coachees and buyers of coaching.

Coaching Understood is essential reading for students and practitioners alike.

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