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Boundaries And Landmarks

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From the PREFACE.

This manual is intended to familiarize the surveyor with the different types of old boundaries that exist throughout the country. A great deal has been written on this general subject, especially in reference to the public lands of the West. Very little, however, is being done on the conveyances of the Eastern States, and it is my hope to furnish something which may prove useful to those who are likely to meet with cases of this sort. No attempt is made to describe how the lines should be measured; the intent is rather to furnish suggestions as to the method of locating the line to be measured - in short, finding it. It is far more important to have faulty measurements on the place where the line truly exists, than an accurate measurement where the line does not exist at all.


I. The Work and Training of the Surveyor
II. The Description of Property. Simple Deeds without Dimensions
III. The Relative Legal Value of Evidences of Boundary
IV. Landmarks. Stakes and Stones
V. Landmarks (continued). Marked Timber. Ditches and Balks
VI. Landmarks (concluded). Fences and Walls
VII. Deeds with Complete Descriptions
VIII. Sources of Error in Descriptions
IX. The Relations of the Surveyor and the Lawyer
X. House Lots
XI. House Lots (concluded)
XII. Highway Records
XIII. Re-running Old Highway Records
XIV. Laying Out New Roads
XV. Responsibility of the Surveyor

Inexplicable Boundaries Of Love

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I want you to take a journey with me to a time and place where nothing in the world matters except that moment, that exquisite instant, that is in front of you. The one that enables one's being to become enveloped into a world only existent in the heart of someone that is deeply upon the throws of passion and love. Take my hand and let me guide you to a memory, so you may recollect that time in your own life, when only the other person mattered. Step off with your left foot, and join me while I lead the way.

The Dilemma Of Boundaries

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Water circulates continuously and seamlessly on Earth with little regard for the boundaries we draw. There are natural boundaries as between land and ocean and surface and subsurface environments, as well as human or demographic boundaries between nations, cultures, and religions. Although considered necessary by societies, these human-created boundaries disrupt natural water circulation, leading to serious water-related environmental problems. The dilemma of how to manage water beyond our boundaries remains, and nations have different ways and means of controlling each form of water, whether as vapor, surface water, groundwater, or seawater. Recent findings on the interaction of water from land, oceans, and the atmosphere encourage researchers to undertake collaborative work that goes beyond the boundaries of each discipline, be it oceanography, surface and subsurface hydrology, climatology, or glaciology. Drawing on all these fields, the book focuses on two major boundaries: that between surface water and ground water, and that between terrestrial water and ocean water. This comprehensive work is of great value to experts in academia, international organizations, consulting firms, water resources, fisheries, and urban development planning agencies.


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